Michiko's and Bob's Big Adventure

These pages contain photos and information concerning the Eastern Mediterranean cruise of the Italian ship Costa Riviera from 20 March - 2 April, 1999.

Above: The route taken from Seattle to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Seattle (via Detroit)

Below: The route of the flight from Amsterdam to Milan and return, and the route taken by the ship, sailing from Genoa. The total distance from Seattle to Seattle was 15965 miles.


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Catania, Sicily






Githion, Greece






 The "Shipmates" page contains photos of other passengers from the Connie Swanson/King FM travel group, while the "Michiko&Bob" page is intended for family and friends, and contains photos taken on the trip of (naturally) Michiko and Bob (mostly Michiko!)

The photos that contain "6x4" in the file name were reduced from a larger format to make for faster loading from the Internet. For any of our friends or fellow passengers who would like any of the pictures in the original format (larger, and generally better definition), email me and I will either send them to you or post them to the net for your downloading.

The pictures with names that begin with a date in March were shot with a Minolta EX-1500 digital camera. Those with names beginning with either 5apr or 24apr were taken with a Minolta 35mm camera (film processed on either 5 April or 24 April) and scanned to digital format.

The remaining pictures, boarding1.jpg, michiko3.jpg, etc., were shot by the ship's crew and scanned.